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World Economic Forum 2023

Verantwortlicher Autor: Hubertus C. Tuczek Davos, 21.01.2023, 13:15 Uhr
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The author in front of the picturesque mountain scenery in Davos
The author in front of the picturesque mountain scenery in Davos  Bild: Diana Tuczek

Davos [ENA] World Economic Forum 2023: New era of trust lost? This year's WEF was dominated by crises and conflicts such as the Ukraine war, climate change, and the energy and food crisis. The motto of this year's gathering: “Cooperation in a fragmented world”. But can cooperation succeed without trust?

One panel discussed whether we are facing a new era of lost trust. Obviously, we need a high degree of resilience to be able to deal with the current turbulences. But without leadership with a basic consensus and a minimum level of trust, we will not succeed. The snow-covered mountains around Davos are a perfect place inner reflection and should remember us to preserve the beauty of nature and the world itself.

Trust begins when people come together and agree on a common understanding. Trust develops when concrete actions emerge from this common understanding - words are followed by actions! In Davos, in the main event of the WEF but also apart from it, many people with good intentions come together. This can give rise to new networks of trust, which we need to solve the many challenges we face. That's why events like Davos are so important and it was great to be there. Trust needs encounter!

The mood among the participants was better than the economic forecasts before the forum would have suggested. The topic of sustainability is also taking up more and more space on the various panels, even though Al Gore called for stronger political will for implementation. The general positive attitude to tackle and master the upcoming challenges should give us confidence for the year 2023.

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